How MrBeast Makes 100M+ at 22

#14 - Sunday Stories - The 22 Year Old Opening 300+ Restaurants in a Day

A 22 year old is one the largest creators online.

He has DONATED MILLIONS so far and plans to open hundreds of homeless shelters/food banks and give away all his money.

The insane part?

He has been doing this for over a decade...

It is None other than Jimmy Donaldson aka @MrBeastYT

He uploaded his first YouTube video when he was 13 years old.

then started off by posting gameplay of games like Minecraft and Call of Duty.

Also he used to make videos about YouTube and how much money YouTubers like PewDiePie and @Jack_Septic_Eye made.

Did he go to college?

In 2016, Jimmy went to college but DROPPED OUT after 2 weeks telling his mother that he would rather be a YouTuber 📸

His videos went viral in 2017 after he posted videos of him counting to 100,000 in 42 hours, counting to 200,000, reading the entire dictionary, giving homeless people $10,000, watching @jakepaul's It's Everyday Bro for 10 Hours etc.

Mr Beast makes insane long form content and stunts involving huge amounts of $ - like donating $30,000, buying a car using only $1 bills, tipping waitresses $20,000, donating $50,000 to @Ninja etc.

Mr Beast reinvests literally ALL of the money back from viral videos to make more insane challenges and help other people!

Mr. Beast has mentioned that he spends around 600k per month on just rent, employees etc. not including the money that he spends in videos.

Mr Beast has over 46M Subscribers and 7.7B Views making him one of the largest YouTubers on the platform. He is on track to reach 100M subscribers in 2 years!

He has spent over 10 million dollars THIS YEAR ALONE and plans to give away EVEN MORE 💰

MrBeast's secret sauce?

Effort. Viewers aren't dumb. "Even if it is a 10s clip that took you 20 hours to film, people recognize that" - MrBeast in @100Thieves podcast interview

Here's the progression of MrBeast's YouTube channel that he mentioned in a tweet recently.

Stay Epic! ✌🏽


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