⛅️ Why Change is Good

#8 - Sunday Stories 🧊🔥

I used to believe that change is bad. After all change shows you that you did something “inefficient” or “wrong” in the past and now you are doing something that you believe is wrong. I used to look at old pictures or videos and cringe at my past self for acting so foolish or weird.

But now I look at change differently after listening to Derek Sivers idea of change. In one of his interviews he talked about the idea of change being a good thing. Change signifies that you have improved and become a better version of yourself. I have not really thought of change from that perspective.

I saw the glass as half empty instead of realizing that it can also be half full. Now when I look at the old posts on my blog or the old pictures and videos that I have taken, I look back and reflect on how much I have improved instead of cringing. After all version 15.1.2 of yourself is certainly better than version 2.

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